Choose between 3 categories of snowboard equipment according to your level, abilities and demands.



The Standard series are tailored for beginners and intermediate snowboarders. Our standard all-terrain snowboards are preferred for beginners due to their smooth forgiving flex so as to accelerate learning and encourage confidence on the mountain which makes them ideal for the first riding experiences.

The intermediate snowboarders shall find here remarkable all-mountain and freestyle boards options that will help them build their confidence before moving to the next level.


The Advanced snowboard equipment is suitable for the more confident and demanding intermediates and the advanced riders.

On / off-piste riders, freestylers and all mountain snowboarders; we’ve got you covered. Choose among a great selection of camper, camrock, hybrid rocker/camper, flying V, rocker and flat profiles the board that suits best your riding style and mood and you’re ready to enjoy another perfect day on the mountain.


Our absolute top models recommended to advanced riders and experts that are seeking the premium models of the market’s advanced equipment.

The Jones Flagship, Mountain Twin and the ♀Twin sister, the YES 20/20 and the Salomon Powder Snake are only some of the premium options that await to become the pick of your day.


Upgrade your equipment any time during your holiday or even within a day according to your evolution and your mood.


Everyone’s foot is unique. Therefore, we have created a large variety of many different snowboard boots of different flexibilities in order to have everyone covered up to 15 ½ UK size (51 ½ European size).

Boot Dryers

Our boots are dried in our boot dryers daily after sprayed with antibacterial liquid. This protects them from fungal infestation while keeps them fresh and free from unwanted odors.



Here in TSAKIRIS Ski & Snowboard we know that women, no matter their riding level, love to ride in style.

That is why we have taken care of offering snowboards designed for the different anatomical shape, weight, and stance that women have but also with colors, patterns and feminine details that our female riders like to see on their equipment.

We love to make you smile and your smile is essential for a beautiful ski holiday!


Kids’ equipment refers to children ≤ 12 years old. We are proud to provide kids’ snowboard equipment from the internationally popular Burton Riglet series including boots starting from European size 24 (6 UK youth size) and snowboards from 70 cm!

Our kids’ safety comes always first and that is why our staff pays extra attention when choosing and tuning the appropriate equipment for them.

Colorful snowboard equipment and our little supermen and princesses are ready to rock the slopes!


Riders with big shoe size (UK size 11/European size 45 ⅔ and up); we got you covered. Wide snowboards of all types available in all our categories.


* Prices are in Bulgarian lev (BGN)

1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6=7 days +1 day
Standard series
Snowboard set
(board & boots)
30 55 80 100 125 150 20
Snowboard 25 45 65 80 100 120 15
Boots 20 35 50 60 75 90 10
Snowboard set kids
(board & boots)
25 45 65 80 100 120 15
Snowboard kids 20 35 50 60 75 90 10
Boots kids 15 25 35 40 50 60 8
Advanced series
Snowboard set
(board & boots)
40 75 110 140 175 210 30
Snowboard 35 65 95 120 150 180 25
Boots 25 45 65 80 100 120 15
Premium series
Snowboard set
(board & boots)
50 95 140 180 225 270 40
Snowboard 45 85 125 160 200 240 35
Boots 25 45 65 80 100 120 15

Book your ski & snowboard equipment in advance through an e-mail
and save up to  -15% on the above prices!

Use our contact form to let us know what you need!

Our service includes:

  • Free storage of hired equipment in our shop (or you may store them in your apartment/hotel if you prefer)
  • Free storage for your shoes while you are out skiing / snowboarding
  • Complimentary overnight boot drying
  • Free change of your boards and boots within the same category as many times during your holiday at NO extra charge
  • Liquid waxing of your board to accommodate all snow conditions
  • Expert Advice and fitting
  • Friendly team of dedicated staff who will be happy to answer any questions you have and advise how to get the best out of your snowboard experience in Bansko
  • Assistance at the start & end of your day with boot fitting making your snowboard experience with us both comfortable and memorable
  • Upgrade to a higher category of board and boots for a small supplement
  • Wi-Fi in our shops


  • Passport, ID or driving license is required for the hiring procedure. For Premium equipment rentals, you should carry your passport with you.
  • Fittings for the next day are held between 19:00 – 21:00. Visit us the afternoon before your first day on the mountain to get fitted and save precious time for the next morning.
ATTENTION: Do not leave your equipment unattended, especially when visiting cafes and restaurants.