Sunday, April 15 2018 was the last day of operation of Bansko Ski Resort.

It was not the best season in terms of snow (conditions were still great, though) however we must say that it has been the most special and fun season for our team so far. And that’s because of your amazing support.

How much love we received this season!
We have met so many lovely people that came at the shop as customers and left like friends and family. We are so grateful to receive all these warm smiles from visitors that appreciate our work and service and share their positive energy with us.

Such as three of our regulars; Jenkins, Pogues and their friends, Murrays, who support us from our very first seasons and we grow up together every year. They will always have a special place in our hearts <3

Or like our dear Maor and the whole Ben David family that spend a week here and even stayed with us until midnight to help us with the boot drying, can you imagine?!

Or one of our favourite of all times, the amazing Chambers family that we loved from the first moment and they are a perfect example of the-family-to-be.

And Mr. Dominic who was fairly nominated as the “Most positive client of the season” as never lost his smile during his 6-day holiday even though it happened to experience a day with closed lifts due to strong wind or a couple of days with a big slashier snow. He came to enjoy the most out of his ski holiday, and he definitely did!

Last but not least, the top gang from Belgium which “wouldn’t pick a better place to rent equipment, eat, drink, party and even sleep overnight” as they said. Well, we enjoyed your company same like you did guys and we can’t wait to see you again!


And these are just some of the amazing people we had the luck to meet so far.

A huge THANK YOU once again for making us fall in love with our job even more every day!
We will be happily continue to be your “home away from home” for the years to come.

Have a great summer and see you all again very soon!

The TSAKIRIS Ski & Snowboard Team

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